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1) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Problems after the last upgrade on Tuesday (Message 72223)
Posted 27 Jan 2012 by bc23.5
I have been getting an error saying, "completed, but no finished line. If this problem persists, you may nee to reset the project."
I received the same message with 6 WU's after that, so I reset the project. I got 8 new tasks and the very 1st one ran for 9 seconds and then had no progress for over 24hrs, even after being tagged as high priority. My intel mac was cold when I got up this morning, and it was cold when I got home this evening. Also, after having reset the project I kept seeing this message,

"Sending scheduler request: Requested by user. Requesting xxxxxx seconds of work, reporting 1 completed task.
Scheduler request failed: Error 417"

Even when I had no tasks to report. It has been doing this for 2 days. I have reset the project again and am getting the same error (without the 1 completed task)

2) Message boards : Number crunching : something is missing (Message 68727)
Posted 30 Nov 2010 by bc23.5
Thanks for the info. It was the settings in the BOINC Manager. I was telling it to leave 50 GB free disk space, which is where I originally set it up when I joined (and my machine was fairly new) Now I have about 40 GB of memory left so it was doing what I asked it to do. We are crunching again! Thank You!
3) Message boards : Number crunching : something is missing (Message 68695)
Posted 24 Nov 2010 by bc23.5
I am a hands-off RH user, so I don't spend a lot of time configuring my preferences. BOINC is telling me now that it can't run any work because my preferences have memory usage limited to 204.8 MB when active, 1024 MB when idle and limiting disk usage to 0.00 GB.

I have re-configured in a number of ways, and here is where it is now. I can't see where the problem is. Please help.

Disk and memory usage
Use at most- 10 GB disk space
Leave at least-
(Values smaller than 0.001 are ignored) 0.01 GB disk space free
Use at most- 100% of total disk space
Write to disk at most every- 60 seconds
Use at most- 25% of page file (swap space)
Use at most-
Enforced by version 5.8+ 50% of memory when computer is in use
Use at most-
Enforced by version 5.8+ 100% of memory when computer is not in use

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