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Posted 8 Apr 2015 by Arnaud
That sounds like BOINC Manager is not properly removing the application from memory then. But it should not impact the performance of your machine, because when the tasks are not running, the memory gets swapped out to disk.

Has anyone heard of such memory allocation issues in BOINC 7.4.36 on Windows 8.1?

Am I the only one?? :)

In the task manager, the memory used by the Rosetta applications is not marked as swapped out to disk.

In any case, I found how to solve the problem.
It occurs when the application processes a "out of time" request. By removing this requests (I do not know why I have them), the problem no longer occurs.

Thanks you for your answers

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Posted 26 Mar 2015 by Arnaud

Arnaud, if you run multiple projects, and the BOINC Manager has cycled to the others, then the suspended R@h tasks show on the task list (when you have selected the option for tasks to remain "in memory"). But if BOINC is not actively running the tasks, they are quickly swapped out until they resume. In your case, you may be achieving the same thing by your time of day settings on when to use CPU. But by cancelling the tasks each morning, you are losing everything that has been done since the last checkpoint was reached.

Does the existence of these tasks seem to interfere in some way with other work on the machine?

Hi David,

I unchecked the box to keep them in memory applications (already done).
And yes, these tasks bother me when they are in memory as they take (cumulative) many gygabytes of RAM memory (like 12).
During the night it does not bother me; During the day, I need all my RAM :)

When the BOINC Manager cycles, the other projects (other than Rosetta) close well.

I am running Windows 8.1 Pro x64.

I have the same problem if I tell the BOINC Manager calculated without taking into account the préférences (during the day for example), and then I told him to follow the preferences. Only Rosetta tasks remain in memory. Other close.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Minirosetta 3.54 (Message 78055)
Posted 23 Mar 2015 by Arnaud
Hello everyone,

I wanted to report a problem that I had with the previous version too (3.52).
My machine is configured to calculate during the night. But in the morning when I arrive at work, calculations are stopped but minirosetta programs are still in memory (and after a weekend, they take 12GB).
Every morning I have to kill them in the task manager.

Other projects programs close properly.

I am running Windows 8 Pro X64, admin of my machine.

Thank you for reading,

Arnaud P.

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