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1) Message boards : Number crunching : No Work Units (Message 58349)
Posted 2 Jan 2009 by Lazlo
How long before the server accepts/sends new tasks?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : SERVER PROBLEMS. (Message 57879)
Posted 15 Dec 2008 by Lazlo
receiving 0 tasks...why? unchanged prefs get me up to 4 days worth of tasks normally....

BOINC Manager Messages tab indicates that roseeta@home is sending completed tasks and requesting new ones, but nothing is being sent.

"Sending scheduler request: To fetch work. Requesting 117686 secongs of work, reporting 0 completed tasks"


"Scheduler request succeeded: got 0 new tasks"

repeated with variations of #seconds of work for the last couple of hours.

any idea why?
3) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : CPU Overheating - Mac G4 Cube (Message 56489)
Posted 27 Oct 2008 by Lazlo
hmmm. have to admit that the heating issue concerns me. i'm running rosetta@home on my intel mac (2.8ghz dual quad core), getting pretty good results i think (9000 credits/790avg score over three days since joining). but. i'm also getting very high core readings while running boinc - as high as 170ºF. knocked the percentage down to 95% usage on just 7 cores (way too slow for anything else if use all 8 processors). normal temps have dropped to 142ºF since then. i'd like to help with this project, but cannot afford to see my mini nor my G4 drop dead. until the heating issue is resolved, think i'll keep the intel mac running for awhile and not use the others. sorry people.

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