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1) Questions and Answers : Wish list : customize ON-SCREEN CPU / GPU project useage (Message 68728)
Posted 30 Nov 2010 by Profile MICKPC
I have a quad-core pc now. so im using the cpu`s to full effect.
I know someone who has developed cancer.
So it effects me deeply. Therefore it`s a stronger reason to carry on processing....

I would like to use each core to run different projects from a drop-down selction menu....

help cure cancer
solar technology
clean water

maybe have an onscreen adjustable bar or percentage graph to select how much CPU power each project uses.

any way to speed it up (simpler code) to make the program use less CPU/GPU

maybe make a customize program -sleep/shutdown- selection:
(auto shutdown e.g: MSN, SKYPE... at night time or processes not needed when the pc is idle).

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