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Posted 1 Dec 2008 by Profile AstralWalker
After over three months of work and a lengthy review process, Rosetta@home is a now a 'featured article' (FA) on Wikipedia.

This represents a first for BOINC projects (and distributed computing projects in general), and should make the article a comprehensive and verifiable source of information to everyone wanting to know more about Rosetta@home. Being FA also implies an opportunity to have the Rosetta@home article appear on Wikipedia's main page as 'Today's featured article'. On that day, on average, a given featured article gets almost 100,000 page views.

Appearing there would be great exposure for the project and almost certainly give it at least a temporary boost in computational power. Assuming it doesn't get put there beforehand, the best time to have Rosetta@home appear on Wikipedia's main page would seem to be toward the beginning of CASP9 in summer 2010. Are there any other dates that a temporary boost in TFLOPS would be especially useful?

This is great--thanks!! I can't think off hand of a particular date other than the beginning of the next casp where a temporary boost would be particularly timely, but I'll keep it in mind

Looks like today is the day. Congratulations!

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