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1) Message boards : News : Thank you! (Message 105338)
Posted 6 Mar 2022 by Number Cruncher
Do you have VirtualBox installed? Rosetta python tasks require it to be installed. (there's a lot of Python tasks available). Normal Rosetta (4.20) are not always available, it might be why you aren't receiving any. As for WCG, the migration progress will take a few months and no tasks will be distributed during that time. WCG tasks will be distributed automatically when they will be back online.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Not getting work (Message 105323)
Posted 4 Mar 2022 by Number Cruncher
Rosetta 4.20 tasks are not always available. they send out a few days. This may be the problem. If you install virtualbox, you will receive some python tasks and those are always available.
3) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Is it possible to use multiple cpus to run tasks faster? (Message 104814)
Posted 14 Feb 2022 by Number Cruncher
Hey guys I was wondering, is there a way to use multiple CPU's on a single task (and make it faster) rather than have multiple tasks running at the same time?
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Task progress incremently slower (Message 103906)
Posted 26 Dec 2021 by Number Cruncher
Hello. I have been doing a rosetta@home task wich had at the beginning a estimation of 8 hours of work left. For some reason as progress went up, progress became slower and slower. (first 50% took about 4 hours, 50-90% took 12 hours, 90%-95% took 24 hours 95-99% took 48 hours and im now at 99.8% wich took 2.5 days) Am I doing something wrong somewhere or is there any problem ongoing or is this normal? (I have 5 tasks like this atm). Ive been running at 100% cpu all that time. And is there anything I can do to avoid this? Please ask if you need additional informations

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