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Posted 24 Feb 2015 by Profile David Duvall
"I used multiple tests as most of my BSOD errors repeatedly kept pointing to the drives as the reason for the system crashing."

In the past 6 months I had a similar problem with 2 separate computers. After days of investigation I figured out that I had a marginal memory stick in one machine that would pass RAM testing but, after extended BOINC use would give me errors that eventually caused the blue screen of death.

On the other machine I found that my North Bridge chip was getting excessively hot and causing the same type of symptom. I used zip-ties to place an extra fan that blows directly on the North Bridge. Soon, I will have no choice but to replace the motherboard.

On my father's machine I actually replaced the SATA cable with a shorter cable and his BSOD errors stopped.

On a side note, there is a BOINC setting change that seemed to help me extend the life of my hard drives. Under BOINC computing preferences - disk and memory usage tab you will find, "Tasks checkpoint to disk at most every ___ seconds" If you change that setting from the default 60 seconds to say 120 seconds you should have a lot less disk activity. I set my systems at 360 and have had no problems.

I wish you good luck on finding the solution to your problem and please let us know what you determine.

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