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Posted 30 Jun 2020 by KayleeL
Indeed. My android phone is now doing 100% open pandemics work. It has been that way for a while.

But more recently rosetta work for my other computers has dried up.

I guess that we can celebrate the fact that we have got through all the rosetta stuff for the time being and hope that our work has been useful.

Same here. I had switched my phone to Open Pandemics when Rosetta stopped working on Android, but a few days ago my computer stopped getting Rosetta work, too. It finished the tasks it was working on, and then said there are no new tasks available. But the server status says:

As of 30 Jun 2020, 19:06:15 UTC [ Scheduler running ]
Total queued jobs: 5,184,816
In progress: 648,852
Successes last 24h: 479,066
Credits last 24h : 108,511,581

So it seems like other people are still getting new tasks? So, what's going on???

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