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Posted 12 Apr 2021 by jsm
Running at 22 hours has substantially reduced the bandwidth hog but detailed checking has turned up a query. All the computers are asking the scheduler every minute or so for new tasks to be told 'no can do you have plenty' (I paraphrase). This is clearly putting an unnecessary load on the scheduler and contributing to my bandwidth loss. Is there a way to instruct the preferences only to seek additional work every so often eg 1 hour?
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Posted 3 Apr 2021 by jsm
Thanks to all for their views. I confirm the fairly low 50gb cap vs 100mbps circuit is due to an old tariff. It is no longer available but the ISP cannot remove it easily because of the regulator. All new users or changers automatically have unlimited but at a substantially higher monthly cost which I am trying to avoid because the cap has been adequate for years. I do not stream, peer or otherwise have need for substantial throughput.
I have followed the advice for run time and have changed the preferences from the default 8 hrs to 22 hrs and will see whether that helps. I confirm that it is the three threadrippers which wireshark identified straight away as the hoggers - every other endpoint line was low mb's. Presumably if the 'bad' tasks work through or are withdrawn this will also help.
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Posted 2 Apr 2021 by jsm
Bandwidth usage massively increased in March
I migrated to Rosetta from Seti almost exactly one year ago. For eleven months there was little impact on my capped 50gb bandwidth allowance but in March the usage has more than doubled. I am using the same 6 computers and the same preferences so nothing on my side has changed. When my ISP notified me of the sudden cap half way through March I installed wireshark after a difficult setup to capture packets at the router rather than at specific computers. Imagine my horror when I found that the culprit was rosetta using over 1gb per 6 hours. This is unsustainable and I will either have to shell out for an expensive unlimited contract (because I have an Ultima connection at over 100mbps) or cut back on Rosetta work.
Has there been a significant project change which could be the cause of this increased usage or am I looking for another problem?
Any suggestions most welcome. I have clawed my way to league position 599 and would like to break 500 if possible.

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