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1) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Process got signal 11 (Message 48211)
Posted 1 Nov 2007 by William
Looks like you had completed a number of tasks normally, and then everything started having problems.

Did you change authorities, or users on your computer or something like that?

I'd suggest you go to the advanced view, projects tab, select Rosetta, and click the reset project button over on the left. That will get you a fresh copy of everything.

Wow.... that ended up being a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Thanks so much for you help.
2) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Process got signal 11 (Message 48201)
Posted 31 Oct 2007 by William
When I try to run Rosetta tasks, I get a computation error, and this sort of message shows up on the message screen.

Wed Oct 31 17:08:50 2007|rosetta@home|Starting CNTRL_01ABRELAX_SAVE_ALL_OUT_-1ubi_-_filters_1782_2058471_0
Wed Oct 31 17:08:50 2007|rosetta@home|Starting task CNTRL_01ABRELAX_SAVE_ALL_OUT_-1ubi_-_filters_1782_2058471_0 using rosetta version 569
Wed Oct 31 17:08:50 2007|rosetta@home|Sending scheduler request: To fetch work
Wed Oct 31 17:08:50 2007|rosetta@home|Requesting 1513 seconds of new work
Wed Oct 31 17:08:51 2007|rosetta@home|Deferring communication for 1 min 0 sec
Wed Oct 31 17:08:51 2007|rosetta@home|Reason: Unrecoverable error for result CNTRL_01ABRELAX_SAVE_ALL_OUT_-1ubi_-_filters_1782_2058471_0 *(process got signal 11)*
Wed Oct 31 17:08:51 2007|rosetta@home|Computation for task CNTRL_01ABRELAX_SAVE_ALL_OUT_-1ubi_-_filters_1782_2058471_0 finished
Wed Oct 31 17:08:51 2007|rosetta@home|Output file CNTRL_01ABRELAX_SAVE_ALL_OUT_-1ubi_-_filters_1782_2058471_0_0 for task CNTRL_01ABRELAX_SAVE_ALL_OUT_-1ubi_-_filters_1782_2058471_0 absent

I contacted a BOINC volunteer and they said that signal 11 means the task is not linked correctly and to contact the projects that were having this problem.

Is there anything I or Rosetta can do about this?


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