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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta 4.1+ and 4.2+ (Message 93629)
Posted 6 Apr 2020 by Qazwaplol

Issue appears to be with Rosetta v4.12 i686-pc-linux-gnu
No issues with Rosetta v4.12 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

After project reset getting the proper 64bit app tasks, where before would almost exclusively get tasks for the potential faulty 32bit app.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta 4.1+ and 4.2+ (Message 93626)
Posted 6 Apr 2020 by Qazwaplol
No 4.12 WU works on my Linux Ubuntu System all got the same problem:

Stderr Ausgabe

command: ../../projects/boinc.bakerlab.org_rosetta/rosetta_4.12_i686-pc-linux-gnu -run:protocol jd2_scripting -parser:protocol predictor_v11_boinc--fuse--covid_spike_design_boinc_v1.xml @flags_jhr_cv -in:file:silent 6cp3nh2c_Junior_HalfRoid_vs_COVID-19_design1_dev.silent -in:file:silent_struct_type binary -silent_gz -mute all -out:file:silent_struct_type binary -out:file:silent default.out -in:file:boinc_wu_zip @6cp3nh2c_Junior_HalfRoid_vs_COVID-19_design1_dev.flags -nstruct 10000 -cpu_run_time 28800 -watchdog -boinc:max_nstruct 600 -checkpoint_interval 120 -database minirosetta_database -in::file::zip -boinc::watchdog -run::rng mt19937
Starting watchdog...
Watchdog active.
BOINC:: CPU time: 43776.6s, 14400s + 28800s[2020- 4- 4 11:33:34:] :: BOINC
WARNING! cannot get file size for default.out.gz: could not open file.
Output exists: default.out.gz Size: -1
InternalDecoyCount: 0 (GZ)
Stream information inconsistent.
Writing W_0000001
DONE :: 1 starting structures 43776.6 cpu seconds
This process generated 1 decoys from 1 attempts
11:33:34 (18264): called boinc_finish(0)


I stopped all 4.12 WU's on the Linux system, waiting for a bugfix. Switches this machine to TN-Grid, They have also Workunits special for the Corona problem.

Getting the same here on Linux machines, all tasks stop after 12 hours reporting having done 1 structure.
Where Windows machines do work in half the time and seen anywhere from 100 to 600 structures.

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