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Posted 21 Sep 2021 by Profile lazyacevw
Interesting. I took a look at the applications page and the VirtualBox page but I don't see anything that would indicate a definitive answer. My Linux systems do not have VirtualBox installed. The apps page does indicate they are running on Linux systems but they don't indicate if VirtualBox is or needs to be installed. The same goes for Windows in the apps page.

It was my understanding that Rosetta tasks were already written for Linux environments and so it was just easier to containerize Linux on Windows than re-write everything for Windows or Macs.

I haven't seen anything in my logs about downloading AIMNet_vm_v2.vdi and when I check out my boinc directory, I see minirosetta and 4.20 executables but I don't see anything about vbox64 or python.

I have 671 tasks in progress and I am showing 0 rosetta python tasks. I was just curious if there is anything I need to do to keep my systems up to date so that they can maximize processing capability for Rosetta.
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Posted 21 Sep 2021 by Profile lazyacevw
I feel like I am missing out on some new information or something. Do these new "rosetta_python_projects" run native on Linux? Virtualbox is only needed on Windows and Mac, correct? I was under the impression that all Windows BOINC installations were already containers or VMs on Windows or Macs.
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Posted 1 Sep 2021 by Profile lazyacevw
Is it just my memory playing up, or has the Total queued jobs dropped from over 4 million to just over 1.7 million over night?

Well, 371 of those were "relatively" quick task failures on my systems. I have a sneaky feeling I am going to run out of bandwidth a little sooner this month.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : impossible to display the units during calculation, the windows of the units during calculation do not display anything or close by themselves ... (Message 102515)
Posted 31 Aug 2021 by Profile lazyacevw
5) Message boards : Number crunching : value for wetstone benchmark absurdly high, Ubuntu 20.04, Boinc 7.16.6. Will this effect credit/work received? (Message 102447)
Posted 24 Aug 2021 by Profile lazyacevw
Looks about right to me but I haven't paid too much attention to the benchmarks boinc uses. Here is what I see on a few of my systems (whetstone):

E5-1620 - 4470 FP MIPS
3970X - 7221 FP MIPS
3950X - 6155 FP MIPS
3900X - 7262 FP MIPS

The important thing is to run the benchmark once and let boinc do all of the rest.
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Posted 24 Aug 2021 by Profile lazyacevw
Frequent the Server Status page to see if there are any tasks ready to be sent out. There currently are none. Give them a few days and I'm sure there will be more. I have all my machines set to switch over to World Community Grid when Rosetta runs out, then they switches back automatically once Rosetta starts pushing out more tasks.

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Posted 22 Dec 2020 by Profile lazyacevw
I had no idea....
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Posted 6 Dec 2020 by Profile lazyacevw
In my observation, most downloaded data files use Zip compression. I haven’t paid any attention to what gets uploaded, though I’ve seen gzip mentioned in some logs and file names.

Thanks. I too have seen gz and zip files in project slot directories along with a lot of uncompressed files. It just isn't clear what files were generated, decompressed from files received, or created when all of the work is said and done. Essentially, I can only easily see the middle part of the data processing.
You can see a history of data download and upload totals in the file daily_xfer_history.xml in your BOINC data directory; you could analyse that to see how usage has changed over time..

I took a look at the file but I couldn't make much sense of it.
Which is around the time you brought some new systems online.
A 4 core/thread, 8c/t & of course the 64c/t Threadripper system.
They would all have a significant impact of the amount of results you return.

It does appear from my profile that I brought new systems online recently but in actuality, I just reinstalled the OS on most of my systems when R@H ran out of tasks. That TR has been running every day since early April.
Does your modem/router support WiFi? If so, just setup your phone as a Personal Hotspot.
If not, a WiFi dongle on one of the systems & connect that system to the phone, and enable internet sharing from that system for all of the others.

I'm using switches connected to a wired personal hotspot. I tried using a USB-C to Ethernet adapter but my Samsung S8 doesn't appear to support it. Internet sharing isn't as easy to set up as it is with Windows but I will look into it. My clients do not have wireless adapters either. I might see about using a Windows laptop and have it connect wirelessly to my phone and then share it's connection over LAN. So, I do have a few options....
You could put a proxy server on your network and that can save on duplicate transfers

I really should set up a pfsense/squid box for the network. One for extra security but another for the network caching feature. It would work as long as the Linux updater doesn't use HTTPS. I could probably also set up a local update mirror. Thanks for the tip!
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Posted 4 Dec 2020 by Profile lazyacevw
Can anyone comment on the level of compression the tasks are sent with and separately the level of compression that is applied before submitting completed workloads? Anyone know the type of compression? lzma2? bzip2?

The reason I ask is that beginning about 1 or 2 months ago, I started exceeding my 22 GB monthly data cap about 22 to 25 days into the month. I've been running pretty much the same batch of clients since April and the internet connection is dedicated solely to R@H so I only assume that work units have become more complex and larger. If I don't have any data hiccups, I average around 150,000 credits. I've started to shut down a few clients in order to just stay under my data cap. I'm not sure if the usage is purely work units or if it is the ancillary files R@H downloads (like the database_357d5d93529_n_methyl files) that they use to set up different variables and references. I'm running dedicated Linux machines that have been pared down to preclude any unnecessary or ancillary data usage. I even gone so far as to set the updater service to not check for updates on all of the machines.

I'd really like to bring a few dozen more cores online but I'm in a holding pattern until my data usage goes down.

When I run out of data, I have to tether my phone to each computer each day to do batch uploads and downloads. This isn't ideal because it's a little inconvenient having to plug into each computer plus I'm sure it creates unnecessary network oscillations in R@H distribution server. There have been a few days where I forgot to connect and kept breaking the 2 day crunch time limit. I'm sure that is inefficient for the project as a whole.

Would the devs consider upping the compression levels? It does slightly increase client and server overhead but most computers are more than capable to spend an extra minute or two to accomplish more compression. It might help people bring more systems online.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Tells us your thoughts on granting credit for large protein, long-running tasks (Message 95530)
Posted 29 Apr 2020 by Profile lazyacevw
Someone from DPC over here: we've notified the guy running the Nifhack account of this thread and asked if he wants, and is able to, clarify this. He's know for having access to huge amounts of computational power (at work, I believe) but can't deploy all of it all the time. He's also known to rarely part with specifics. My guess is as well those machines are indeed some sort of hosts to the computers behind.

Thanks for the insight! I'm just getting into edge computing and would love to know some of the details to play around with a similar setup.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Tells us your thoughts on granting credit for large protein, long-running tasks (Message 95449)
Posted 27 Apr 2020 by Profile lazyacevw
My question about credits is, what is up with this guy? Within 3 days, he has the top three "fastest" computers by nearly a factor of 6.

12) Message boards : News : Outage notice (Message 93391)
Posted 4 Apr 2020 by Profile lazyacevw
Getting the error:

Sun 05 Apr 2020 12:55:11 AM KST | Rosetta@home | Server can't open database

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