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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 3.43 is causing pop-ups (Message 74654)
Posted 3 Dec 2012 by Gary Charpentier
If you mean the Message tab in Boinc client (Notices) it will be nice. But they(R@H staff) can not use this feature. Because version of BOINC software(server side) currently used in the R@H project does not support this feature. They first have to update (replace) all server software to new version. And the project team does not want to do this (as it is quite difficult and potentialy can cause another problems)

What are they undergrads? Too busy with coffee and donuts? Do they like security holes? Do they want people mad at them? Can\'t afford backup storage?

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload problem (Message 61890)
Posted 23 Jun 2009 by Gary Charpentier
Known problem or new issue?

6/22/2009 9:57:45 PM rosetta@home Started upload of lr5_seq_score12_rlbn_1e6i_IGNORE_THE_REST_NATIVE_12931_413_0_0
6/22/2009 10:02:49 PM Project communication failed: attempting access to reference site
6/22/2009 10:02:49 PM rosetta@home Temporarily failed upload of lr5_seq_score12_rlbn_1e6i_IGNORE_THE_REST_NATIVE_12931_413_0_0: HTTP error
6/22/2009 10:02:49 PM rosetta@home Backing off 2 hr 33 min 7 sec on upload of lr5_seq_score12_rlbn_1e6i_IGNORE_THE_REST_NATIVE_12931_413_0_0
6/22/2009 10:02:50 PM Internet access OK - project servers may be temporarily down.

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