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Posted 25 Feb 2006 by John Crowley
Has anyone had the \"Unrecoverable Error\" when running both Rosetta@home and Ralph@home together? I had no problems with Rosetta till I started to run Ralph. Ironic really as Ralph is supposed to make rosetta better but instead crashes it.
I have had this error a number of times over the past few days and am no longer getting cretid for much at all. I run Einstein on the same machine and it has no problems. All projects were set to stay in memory but I have now made Ralph not stay in memory and dropped cpu usage down to 4 hours to try and stop the jobs corrupting. When the graphic is running and I move the mouse to go back to the programme I get the following error \"rosetta_4.82_windows_intelx86.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for any inconvenience.\" I then see the corrupted jobs in the list.
Any help would be appreciated.

Just started getting the same error on Thursday, have aborted, re started, to no avail I\'m not running Ralph

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