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Posted 16 Dec 2018 by Anastassia
Thanks for the positive feedback! We ran validation on Rosetta@home for 60-70 models for the first part of the work (the design of the fold, experimenting with different approaches) then another 50 designs with ligand-binding cavity.
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Posted 16 Sep 2018 by Anastassia
Hi! I am a postdoc in the Baker lab and me and all co-authors wanted to thank you for your contribution the new Baker lab paper published in Nature this week! In that paper, we were able to design a new fluorescent protein completely from scratch, much smaller than the Green Fluorescent Protein that is traditionally used by researchers to visualise processes in cells.

The paper presents many “firsts” in computational protein design. It is the first de novo design of the beta-barrel fold (one of the most described fold in the past 35 years, yet mysterious until now). It is also the first de novo design of a protein tailored to bind a small-molecule, which requires very high accuracy in the placement of side chains on protein backbones assembled from scratch. Additionally, we could show that these new proteins could fold and function as expected in vivo! We hope that the advances described in the paper will further unable the de novo design of many biosensors and catalysts tailored for specific applications.

Thanks to all the Rosetta@home volunteers who contributed to the validation of our designed proteins and binding sites.

Here is the link to the IPD webpage that contains a copy of the paper. The work was also featured in the news articles below (the news in Science contains a video of one of our proteins glowing in living cells).

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