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1) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : why on the game consoles xbox one and playstation 4 - there is no project for calculating protein? (Message 91117)
Posted 14 Sep 2019 by jeanne.malvina
Good day.! why on the game consoles xbox one and playstation 4 - there is no project for calculating protein? - These are ideal computers, and they must fight disease!
2) Message boards : News : The Audacious Project (Message 90917)
Posted 17 Jul 2019 by jeanne.malvina
This is very good news.
The scientific community should appreciate the very large favorable prospects for such discoveries, since they can change the planet, as well as changed and created, the Internet, or gps navigation. I spoke with scientists about solving all the problems, and the solution lies in the complete safe and free control of the protein - rna - dna. Recent scientific discoveries show that there are radio-controlled enzymes, with their help we can create a radio-controlled, controlled ribosome, or radio-controlled proteins. It will be the most common wireless cell management interface, if implemented. And it will bring the planet to a new level of well-being and prosperity, allowing it to produce industrial raw materials and safe food in unlimited quantities.
I really believe that deep learning and artificial intelligence will accelerate scientific discoveries and incredible achievements.

3) Message boards : News : De novo design of self-assembling helical protein filaments (Message 89865)
Posted 9 Nov 2018 by jeanne.malvina
It is very good

Write more breakthrough news every resurrection, every good news motivates the calculation of protein!
4) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Understand the principle of calculating the project rosetta home (Message 89637)
Posted 26 Sep 2018 by jeanne.malvina
Good day. I'm wondering how the tasks are calculated and also the work of the job scheduler rosetta home

One user told me that one task to check the accuracy of the calculations is duplicated a thousand times - is it true or not?

Each computer calculates a unique protein, or repeats the calculations of other tasks?

If this is the case, then 99% of computers are wasted, because tasks are duplicated for verification and reliability. It's right? or does each computer calculate a new protein?

I propose to make the UPTIME rating of computers on the network or the time for calculating tasks, the most powerful computers must calculate unique jobs without duplication, I want to calculate a unique protein, and not repeat the calculations of top-end servers.

And one more question, intermediate save and results are sent to the rosetta home server?

Thank you.
5) Message boards : News : Congrats to the collaborative WeFold group for their recent paper published in Nature Scientific Reports. Thank you to all R@h volunteers who contributed to this work. (Message 89558)
Posted 15 Sep 2018 by jeanne.malvina
Good afternoon! please post new news about the project - they are very motivating. Thank you

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