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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta Just swamp my computer (Message 99260)
Posted 8 Oct 2020 by James C. Owens
Seeing the same thing happen again now on three different Windows hosts. I set up a memory cgroup (systemd slice essentially) a while back on my main Linux box to enforce memory limits.

This is not good. The rosetta applications should enforce the memory limits and not present memory leaks that go over the set limits in BOINC.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC teams, help Gridcoin test scalability of the Gridcoin team requirement removal (Message 91070)
Posted 29 Aug 2019 by James C. Owens
Link to first letter

Hello again, BOINC teams

First let us say that we are again posting on a select number of project forums because we would like to reach the most number of teams without spamming across all the projects. We were told that this is the sub-forum that is most active. If you find this inappropriate, please move or delete the post and accept our apologies.


We return with another request for help involving the removal of the Gridcoin team requirement.

Thanks to the participation of a couple testers that dove right in, we were able to confirm the functionality of the team requirement removal mechanisms fairly quickly.

As such, we have begun phase 2 of testing: the phased roll-out of the Gridcoin team requirement removal. This roll-out began with the release of the Gridcoin client version 4.0.5

Phase 2 testing seeks to confirm the scaling capabilities of the mechanisms required to remove the Gridcoin team requirement.

For phase 2 testing we are looking for a number of teams to slowly add to a “team whitelist”. Members of teams on the team whitelist will be capable of earning GRC for their computation contributions to Gridcoin whitelisted BOINC projects.

After a sufficient number of teams have been added to the whitelist, if everything is running smoothly, once we release (Fern), we will completely remove the team requirement. Once the team requirement is removed, any person contributing computation to a whitelisted BOINC project, regardless of their team, will have the option to earn GRC for their work.

The teams that helped in phase 1 testing have already been added to the team whitelist. This means that their crunchers are capable of earning GRC for their work, should they so choose.

Those teams are:
- The Final Front Ear
- GPU Users Group

We plan on adding more teams to the whitelist over the coming weeks. While we might have to choose teams to add, we would much rather add teams that actively want to help in this second phase of testing. Instructions for becoming a team on the team whitelist are detailed below.

We are using a phased roll-out out of an abundance of caution with regards to testing the team requirement removal. Remember: every cruncher will have access to GRC rewards at the end of this process, regardless of their team. We do not recommend switching teams if your team does not want to be involved in phase 2 testing. The benefit for doing so will be negligible.

We expect phase 2 testing to be completed by the end of 2019.


To be one of the teams that helps with phase 2 testing of the Gridcoin team requirement removal:

- Discuss it among your team
- Have your team leader contact jringo (core organizer) or Jim Owens (core developer and very long standing BOINCer --

You can reach us via:




From there, you will be shown how to:

- Setup the Gridcoin wallet
- Register a beacon (the way the blockchain monitors computation contributions)
- Receive GRC or join the pool
- Build magnitude (crunch whitelisted BOINC projects)
- Stake a block (leave the wallet running)


Thank you in advance to anyone that wants to help!
3) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Kings Distributed Systems - Alpha Registration (Message 88659)
Posted 8 Apr 2018 by James C. Owens

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