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Posted 29 Oct 2019 by clemmo
I recently built a 3600X and it was working out at 14k per day with 12 threads, or 12k with 6 threads.

I built it for family so it's not running that much now that I've handed it over, but it's here:

One thing that Is really like to see the CPUs or Windows (not sure which manages clock speed these days) do better is manage the clock speed when running low priority tasks like BOINC projects. Ideally they would run at the base clock speed and then the CPU would still be able to turbo for other higher priority tasks. It's fine if you've got great cooling, but my last build was a small desktop with the stock fan so it got quite loud under load. Anyone know if there's a way to make that happen?

I use eFMer's TThrottle ( to control temperature. If you work out what temperature the high/noisy fan speed kicks in then you can set TThrottle to just below that and it will throttle BOINC tasks to below that CPU temp. It is better than setting a percentage CPU time in BOINC Manager as ambient temperature will affect the CPU running temperature. I find that my GPU especially will have it's temperature graph rise and fall over the temperature rise of the daytime.

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