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1) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : 50 hours? (Message 804)
Posted 30 Sep 2005 by Emerik

There is actually a problem with some projects such as Einstein and Rosetta not switching properly with SETI. The problem is apparently with the libraries. The Mac SETI app is using some older libraries. Suposedly the next version of the Mac SETI app will fix this, but that may not occur until v5.x

I have Einstein and Seti running for some time now, and I never had a problem.

The primary developer of the client app is on holiday. I'll make him aware of your problem upon his return next week. Thanks for the feedback.

Ok no problem, I will check this board from time to time.
2) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : 50 hours? (Message 777)
Posted 29 Sep 2005 by Emerik
I'm running on a iMac G5 1,8 GHz, and my first WU for this project is telling me 50 hours to completion. Is that normal or is there something wrong?

(My average time for a WU for Seti@Home (with boinc) is about 6 hours, and for Einstein about 10 hours.)

Edit: Something strange happend, the numbers of % completed changed while rosetta was paused and something else was running. And than the boinc client crashed, which didn't happen before I added Rosetta.

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