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Posted 18 Sep 2021 by Sputnik
Hej. I still get download errors for the rosetta python projects 1.03 files, because there are some checksum errors / MD5 errors in BOINC Manager 7.16.11 (x64) for the co-loaded 2GB file AIMNet_vm_v2.vdi

18.09.2021 10:42:42 | Rosetta@home | Finished download of AIMNet_vm_v2.vdi
18.09.2021 10:43:23 | Rosetta@home | [error] MD5 check failed for AIMNet_vm_v2.vdi
18.09.2021 10:43:23 | Rosetta@home | [error] expected d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e, got 61fef19456bb58ec941845ef08d8c5ef
18.09.2021 10:43:23 | Rosetta@home | [error] Checksum or signature error for AIMNet_vm_v2.vdi

How to stop the download of these incorrect co-loaded 2GB file/python projects in the rosetta portal (
Or do i have to stop crunching for the whole rosetta project (e.g. rosetta 4.20)?

The Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.26 is installed - and is running fine - used for LHC Home projects.

THX Sputnik

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