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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Unrealistic expectations (Message 91055)
Posted 23 Aug 2019 by Profile PDW
The initial BOINC estimates are way off, about 4 hours that I recall (I run the 24-hour work units). So until they correct themselves, I always get too many when first attaching.

To speed up the correction, you need a cc_config.xml file placed in the BOINC data folder, with this entry:

You then need to activate it by reading it in, or else restarting BOINC.
It should correct the time estimates in a couple of days.

cc_config options require a client restart as it is only read at client startup. app_config can be read.

Not true.

Some cc_config options require a restart and some do not.
The cc_config.xml file is read at the same time as the app_config.xml files.

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