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Posted 1 Nov 2020 by Dennis
Hi Everyone,
If I view Top Participants from the Computing/Statistics drop down menu, I see many of the participants have a summary of all of the projects that they are participating in and their total credits for each project. I recently joined the WCG as a backup project and have been generating a fair amount of credits since Rosetta's task hiatus, yet, I don't see that project or any summary when I click on my username (I'm not logged in when I do it so I'm anonymous).
Is there a preference I have to enable in order to see the project summary screen (like some users have) below my username when viewing Top Participants? Thanks.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : 0 new tasks, Rosetta? (Message 99438)
Posted 30 Oct 2020 by Dennis
This setup works very well on my all computers:

- Set the project weight in Rosetta to 100
- Set the project weight in World Community Grid to 0

How does it work?
All computers try to get Rosetta tasks. If the tasks are available, the computers will download them and they do not ask for WCG tasks in this case. Anytime when Rosetta runs out of tasks and the local buffer goes empty, the computers will ask WCG tasks instead - until Rosetta provides new task. Thanks to the 0 weight in WCG, the computers will not build buffer for this project. They try to get Rosetta tasks first (and build buffer). If no available, they download another WCG task.

With this configuration my computers never stay idle. You can add one more backup project, because it can happen that due to the higher number of volunteers in WCG could cause temporary download/upload server outage.

Thanks for the very clear explanation, that is precisely my goal. Although, what is the likelihood of the WCG ever running out of tasks? It seems to be a broker for so many different projects.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : 0 new tasks, Rosetta? (Message 99437)
Posted 30 Oct 2020 by Dennis
Thanks Mikey, you are correct that the weighting is overkill. I should have explained why I chose such a high resource share number (999999). I only want to participate in Rosetta project but do not want any idle time either. So, it's ok if my one "backup" project (World Community Grid) doesn't receive any tasks for months, that just means I'm 100% crunching for Rosetta.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : 0 new tasks, Rosetta? (Message 99425)
Posted 29 Oct 2020 by Dennis
I am replying to my post below since I have read the proper way to weight projects if running more than one. Apparently, having 2 projects with a large buffer and one project with a high priority may cause the secondary project's tasks' deadline to pass with no work done. So I will reduce my buffer to default (.2) days and set Rosetta priority to be 999999. I gleaned this info from post 92976. thanks all.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : 0 new tasks, Rosetta? (Message 99422)
Posted 28 Oct 2020 by Dennis
I have multiple machines dedicated to Rosetta. I have increased the Compute Preferences buffer from default "0.2" days to 2 days plus. I hope that will provide a sufficient buffer and stop my idle time. I have also joined the World Community Grid project to test it and there is no shortage of tasks. If Rosetta is unable to fully utilize its volunteer capacity, it may make sense to go to another project for a while.
6) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : 10 reasons I crunch R@H and you should too (Message 81520)
Posted 4 May 2017 by Dennis
My father was recently diagnosed with cancer and I felt powerless to do anything. By contributing to this effort, I hope that better treatments and hopefully cures will be discovered. God bless all of the scientists that are pursuing this research and God bless all of those that are donating a few CPU cycles to this endeavor.

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