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Posted 16 Jan 2018 by bcov
it's 4.06 or 3.78 batch?

I looked through all of my submission scripts and I'm not positive. I'd imagine mine is the same as other jobs being pushed around now.

Why not to try it on Ralph, so this batch has precedence and also feedback from volunteeers?

I wasn't sure what the benefit to running on ralph would be. Would you care to explain what you mean?
2) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Help me fold my morphed mini-proteins! (Message 88045)
Posted 10 Jan 2018 by bcov
Hey Everyone,

I work in the baker lab and this is my first time submitting a job to Rosetta@home. I work on designing proteins that will stick to natural proteins.

If you've been reading our recent papers, you'll know that we have a library of mini-proteins. These are the starting point for my work. My protocol uses these mini-proteins to try to bind to natural proteins. But there's a catch! My belief is that we don't have enough mini-proteins (we only have about 2,500) to bind to every target. Therefore, I am trying to morph a region of the mini-protein in order to subtly change its shape. The question I have to ask though is: How much can I morph the protein and have it still fold into the right shape? That's what you get to help me with.

If you get one of my jobs (they all start with bcov_), you'll be helping me answer the question of whether or not my morphing procedure broke the mini-proteins. I only submitted 8, but if all goes well, I'll probably be back for more!

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