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Posted 5 Apr 2020 by lexx
I have 3 computers at home, all desktops of varying degrees of computing power, all running BOINC, crunching World Community Grid units. I keep one also waiting for Rosetta units, but they never arrive. I would suggest running WCG units until Rosetta is ready; its clearly not as robust a project as WCG is or Folding@Home. I am running F@H on 2 of my systems concurrently with BOINC.

F@h has same problem "if you call it a problem" an incredible amount of new users have joined F@H and R@H its only taken a little longer for it to get to this point, as Rosetta has not been as advertised as much as Folding@home has been

looks like Rosetta has been getting about 1000 new users per day with each user is likely downloading 14-30 units each so it was eventually going to hit a point where all work units been made was going to be used up as they was made

my F@H cpu client has not seen work for over 12 hours (i don't like the large retry delay increases on F@H as i seen it on 5 next retry on its 15-16 retry, needs to be capped to somthing sane like 30 minutes to 1 hour)
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Posted 3 Apr 2020 by lexx
Dear Brian Coventry et alia,

2. I'm laboring under the assumption that Rosetta code incorrectly programmed the use of the L3 cache and will bottleneck if too many Rosetta WUs are running simultaneously. I limited my use to one WU per 5 MB of L3 cache. Exceeding that limitation slows the entire CPU over 60%. This means that my fleet of Xeon E5s are running Rosetta at less than 20% capacity. Has this been fixed and is it safe to run full force now???

3. I believe that your statement implies that all WUs are contributing to Covid-19 research regardless of whether you include "Covid-19" in the WU name and that minirosetta is doing Covid-19 work as well. Is that what you mean???

4. I don't know if I'm running ARM64 Rosetta aps or not. I see from your Applications page there are numerous versions but when I look at the Properties of a given WU I'm running it says the version 3.76, 4.07, 4.08 or 4.12. What are the Linux-ARM platforms???

running these on my ryzen 3800x (8 core 16 threads) does not seem to matter if i run 8 threads or 14-15 threads get roughly same folding times (1h to 30 minutes longer per work unit when at 14-15 threads) are your running them in a hypervisor maybe it's causing problems,
Just spool a xeon system for Rosetta to 50% and maybe another system to 90% to see what happens (just make sure you're comparing similar batch of work units over 3 days)

some work units that are not covid-19 (don't think it is) seem to take long time like this one but it did a lot of structures 144 vs the 37 ish in the covid-19 work units

ARM64 is for ARM64 CPUs its not related to X86 CPUS (AMD/Intel) you can't get a ARM work unit on a normal CPU

covid-19 work units are higher priority at the moment you can still get non covid-19 work units at times (as compared to last year there are now 8x more CPU power available then september last year so they are been worked on very fast, so could be times when your getting non covid19 work units)

the covid-19 norm has covid-19 in work unit name, did look like they ran out of work units at one point as it was doing very long 18 hour work units that i not seen before,but its working on new batch of covid-19 now (haivRoid vs covid19)

Also I say hi as this is my first post on here (the android client needs some love as it's not very reliable at not destroying work units that are on the phone, as I come back and they are gone lots of download errors on website and pending work units that no longer on my phone)

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