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1) Message boards : Number crunching : The Science Cloud - donate CPU time on the cloud (Message 91484)
Posted 28 Dec 2019 by Rytis
During the 2019 BOINC workshop there was quite a lot of talk about people wanting to buy compute resources for their chosen projects, but not wanting to invest into hardware and take up the maintenance of it, for various reasons (difficulty setting up, high electricity costs, etc). Instead people would like to pay for cloud resources and adjust the donated amount as their income or engagement changes.

I went ahead and built the system for this:

It is very simple to start: just add money into your account, pick your projects and run as many computers as you wish. The computers are automatically started on a cloud provider and run for as long as you have money in your account. The computers get attached to your account (you have to add your weak account key), so all the BOINC credits also go to you and your team.

Supported payments methods are PayPal, ACH transfer in the United States, or SEPA transfer in European Union Eurozone. I add a small 7% markup which will hopefully cover PayPal fees, accounting costs and my hosting needs. 21% Lithuanian VAT is included, this is run through a legal company I operate.

Special thanks to the initial testers from PrimeGrid's Discord!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : nuke attack from bakerlab (Message 38628)
Posted 29 Mar 2007 by Rytis
If you have used a WinXP disk twice, you can still buy a new one that has WinXP Service Pack 2 on it (it will come with a new product key) so you can just enter the new product key during the upgrade process

Ahem. What happened to downloading free service pack from Microsoft? You don't have to spend a cent on SP2!
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Compressing Rosetta Executables (Message 31972)
Posted 2 Dec 2006 by Rytis
UPX could be used for exe file compression ( The compressed files retain .exe extension and suffer no speed loss when starting/during execution. Compression of 5.41 (win) with default settings went from 9261056 bytes to 2633728 bytes.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Please sign BOINC-related petition (Message 13830)
Posted 15 Apr 2006 by Rytis
I am not impressed with the quality of BOINC web pages, so I started working on making the pages XHTML 1.0 strict compatible. I made a nice progress, and sent my changes to David Anderson, the main developer of BOINC system so that the changes would be checked into CVS and made public.

But sadly, David responded:
Thanks for the diff,
but XHTML conformance is not a goal - I like being able to use <p> as a separator.

I got no response to continued attempt to persuade him that XHTML was good. I even suggested using <p /> as a separator if he wanted - it would still be a valid code and work as intended. No response.

Seeing that there is no other option to persuade David (and make use of my work), I ask you to sign a petition at Once we have enough signatures, I will send the link to David with hopes to succeed.

Sign the petition
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Sometimes with Boincmanager time changes backwards. (Message 7652)
Posted 26 Dec 2005 by Rytis
Sometimes when I check Boincmanager again after a few minutes, I see the passed time going backwards.
Just now it went back from 2:53:31 to 2:23:17 while I saw the 2:53:31 less than 10 minutes ago.
Anybody any idea?

Most probably, you have set not to leave apps in memory, and once applications switch you lose some work done, unless the switch occurs just after the checkpoint. You can turn "leave apps in memory" setting on, that will hopefully solve this (unless you have very little amounts of RAM, that would slow your computer a bit. But you can always turn the setting back).
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Moderated messages moved here (Message 7533)
Posted 24 Dec 2005 by Rytis
Well, I hang in other projects' forums from time to time :) You can learn a lot
from other projects. And to let you know, Rosetta is the project with my highest
resource share (what a surprise, even higher than PrimeGrid. Hehe).

Returning to the topic, I have some additions to the message boards in my
project - we have topic title editing for moderators and thread/post recounting
after the moderation, and even smilies and private messages :) And that's built
on the standard BOINC forum software (OK, private messages are not merged into
the forum code, it's my Perl stuff, and it's pretty hard to merge everything).

I have submitted smilies to Janus for checkin (I do not have write access to the
CVS, sadly), however, as he is working on a complete forum rewrite, a lot of
code has changed, so most probably he did not want to work twice integrating
that into the code. Or other reasons, only he can answer that.

Hopefully, the new forum software will give a helping hand to moderators. If
not, I promise, I'll give it a part of my time and integrate my updates into the
new forums.

Regarding your "moderator" tag - I often hang in forums, and
moderators there do brilliant job - they act like simple users, and if there
weren't posts in italics (thread closed ;)) and a moderator tag, you
would not know they are moderators. Just be plain yourself :)

Hey, and that fsck call was good :D

Merry Christmas everyone!

[edit] Linebreaks, this thread is too wide.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Moderated messages moved here (Message 7432)
Posted 23 Dec 2005 by Rytis
Bill, you can delete messages - there is a link at the top of the message for you to use. Be aware that once you delete the message, you still can see it - but the link changes to [undelete message]. Hope it helps.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : code release and redundancy (Message 5368)
Posted 7 Dec 2005 by Rytis
If I recall correctly you can finish a model and the total credit was 5,700 and change. When they run the background jobs this is raised to 6,805.26 urp! ah that is the credit for the 72nd trickle ...

And PrimeGrid is using only 1 result, but, variable credit.


Would I be correct in assuming that PrimeGrid has less issues with varaibility in credit claims because it is more reliant on integer rather than floating -point calculations?

I have set a max-credit-limit for PrimeGrid (this is not a feature of standard BOINC scheduling system), as we basically know what is the biggest "legal" value that could be given. The variability of the credit in PG is because of the difference that different CPUs make - we are more integer- that floating-point-based project. The workunit length is almost the same every time.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : How many new users from FaD and SETI Classic closing? (Message 5056)
Posted 3 Dec 2005 by Rytis
I have submitted the code for emoticons from PrimeGrid to be checked in last week, however, no reply yet (I wonder if I'm ever getting it :-/).

Anyway, seeing that my team search fix (allows searching for team names not only from the start, but anywhere in the middle), although checked in, is not being adopted by the projects, it seems, it's going to be a long time we see the updates...

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