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Posted 13 Apr 2007 by david
My Reasons For Crunching Rosetta

10) It runs on Macs.
9) I choose how long work units run for as well as how much disk space I designate to the project.
8) I can contribute to the world of medical science by simply having my mac do some positive work while I'm away from it.
7) The screensaver starts conversations and even encourages others to join in.
6) It puts perspective in my life and I realise that I'm quite lucky to be healthy.
5) It would be great to have a cure for diseases and conditions that take loved ones from us leaving us to heal with time.
4) My cousin was diagnosed with cancer when he was 2 and a half years old. After bouts of chemotherapy, he has been given the all clear. Chemo isn't a kind treatment, to see it on a young child is heartbreaking. I'd never felt so helpless.
3) It's a fantastically warm community to be part of with communication between researchers, mods and volunteers.
2) It's free.
1) I can help save the world while being asleep. That's pretty nifty.

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