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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Increased to 512MB as recommended memory requirement (Message 142)
Posted 18 Sep 2005 by idb
The current workunits use ~200MB or so during their last step (last 66 or 83%) and this is causing problems for some users.

It might be worth making the possible memory usage a bit more prominent somewhere. If someone was thinking of running 2 models at the same time on a HT processor then that could mean 400 to 500MB of available memory needed.

2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Aborted work unit and memory usage (Message 115)
Posted 17 Sep 2005 by idb
Just a couple of observations...

I had to abort one of the work units I downloaded this morning. It was running OK, up to about 80% in around 5 hours, when I closed down BOINC (to check if it was causing a general slowdown problem I was seeing). When I restarted BOINC the rosetta w/u started up again but there must have been some error caused by the restart as it was running very slowly. It took 3 hours or so to do another 10% and then appeared to get stuck. I aborted it after 8 hours. The elapsed time/time to go were also reset to 0 after the BOINC restart, although the % completed showed the correct value?

Memory usage is a bit excessive! I've just started another w/u and it is currently using over 200MB. I now think the general sluggishness I was seeing on my system (see above) was probably caused by memory swapping.

BOINC 4.45, XP home, 512 MB P4 @ 3.2 MHz


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