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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Email address not synchronized (Message 32837)
Posted 18 Dec 2006 by Feather and Helipe
I have been trying for a month to sort this out. Rosetta is stuck on one particular email address and I can't change it to bring it into sync with the rest of my projects.

When I log into my Rosetta account, it displays the correct address on the account summary and I can log in with the correct email address and password. But if I click on "change email address" the text box displays my OLD email address. If I enter my new email address, it says "no change". If I set it to a third address, the process appears to go right. I get the email and click the link and all appears to go right. I can now log in with the third address, but if go to change it, the form still shows the old original address again! (not the one shown on my account summary)

I tried flushing all cookies, cache, and saved forms in the browser (Firefox) so that's not it.

The problem is that my stats don't connect to the rest of the boinc projects I have going and I need to get the email address changed but it won't let me.

Any ideas?
2) Questions and Answers : Getting started : BOINC Cross Project IDentifier (Message 32792)
Posted 17 Dec 2006 by Feather and Helipe
I have everything matching on all projects, user name and email. I have waited a month for Rosetta to sync with the rest of my stats but it hasn't. When I pull up the stats for "Feather and Helipe" all my stats show up except Rosetta. How can this be fixed?


It will automaticaly be connected by the cross platform identifier. It is different to the platform identifiers.

This happens as long as you use the same email address at each place (I think it is just that).

I have one email, one Name, one anything everywhere.
I don't know why I got diffrent ID only in Rosetta account?


Your rosetta@home project must be using a different email address to all your other projects. Go into your preference and re enter it as you have in the other, watch out for adding spaces or anything like that.

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