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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Minirosetta v1.54 (Message 60814)
Posted 25 Apr 2009 by William Kahler
MiniRosetta 1.54 constantly crashing after ~5 seconds
& (note to Bill G) w/Boinc 6.4.x & 6.6.x (Error Code 5).
It runs a little slow for first 5 seconds of CPU time
w/last stable Boinc 5.x & finishes ok.
No difference with protected app. or not.
Complete BOINC un/re-install & Rosetta de/re-attach no help.

Dell Core Duo 2 GHz w/2 Gig Ram.
WinXP Sp3 Home Edition (up to date).
24/7, no throttle, no graphics/screensaver, leave in memory.
Stand alone or with other projects.
Memtest x2/Prime95/Dell Diagnostics run fine.

thoughts? suggestions?

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