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21) Message boards : Number crunching : Limiting CPU usage (Message 29209)
Posted 12 Oct 2006 by SekeRob
It is important to understand that the Threadmaster works as a balancer for all processes at the same level....i.e. Rosetta runs at the very lowest level, thus if setting 90%, it will get 90% of the idle time left. The processes at normal priority still get prevalence over Rosetta.

Also important is that the string entry u add to the register must be named EXACTLYas it appears in Taskmanager...i.e. it is case-sensitive. And should u make a typing error, it will assume the default value.

As per my earlier post, i added processes like Ad Aware and Spybot and Disk Deframenters and gave them extremely low percentages (running at normal priority), thus BOINC or wordprocessing or anything else wont die. Any time the version number changes, u have to update the registry parm.

Lastly, once set up, export the key which cretes a reg file. Then do your edits/adds in that text file. Every time u 'install' that file it will update the registry.

Note that Threadmaster will not read a value until a process using the key is newly started. Got threadmaster in the All user AutoStartup Folder, so who ever logs is first (or autolog-in), will activate it.


PS... Still not had time to give this BES utility a swirl, but someone over at another project, gave it a try, had it running for 28 hours or so ..... it does the job, but has a user interface to control.
22) Message boards : Number crunching : Closed to all, but those with stinky feet (Message 28968)
Posted 6 Oct 2006 by SekeRob
From the Nobel prize front: Stinky feet, annoying noise top IgNobel prize list
23) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Target Run CPU Time (Message 28893)
Posted 4 Oct 2006 by SekeRob
The way I understand it each workunit is composed of a varying number of models/decoys/trajectories each of which is basically a complete and discrete unit. It does not matter to the science if 10 workunits do 100 decoys or 100 workunits do 10 decoys, either way it is still 10,000 attempts to find the best configuration.

Don't know if these WU's are generated real time at sending, but if my prefs are set for 4 hours which can do X models in the given time frame at given CPU speed, then how does the system track for it not to duplicate models of the same WU send to someone else (if the target is to get a preset global total of models for each WU)?
24) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Target Run CPU Time (Message 28865)
Posted 3 Oct 2006 by SekeRob
It sets approximately how long a rosetta task will run for. After the time has expired the client will finish the current model/decoy then end and report the task.

I've tried to find an answer, which the previous does not satisfy nor the FAQ.... we know we can set the WU to process according this "Target CPU run time" preference. Previously i had not set it, now i have put it to 4 hours CPU time, so it does more 'angles/models' on a single WU, for which proportionate more credit is granted. Now the more cycles are run on a single WU, the more chance of finding a very low energy the question..... How do the scientists determine which of the returned WU's crunched for say only default 3 hours identify themselves as having the potential to go much lower i.e. had it been run 4, 6, 8, 24 hours?

If i got it all wrong, fine....disregard the question.
25) Message boards : Number crunching : Closed to all, but those with stinky feet (Message 28857)
Posted 3 Oct 2006 by SekeRob
well ketch-up is an Italian invention and is one of the base ingredients on a properly prepared pizza together with mozzarella.

what some cooks has to say about catsup or ketjap, the merriam-webster definition is:

One entry found for ketchup.
Main Entry: ketch·up
Variant(s): also catch·up /'ke-ch&p, 'ka- /; or cat·sup /'ke-ch&p, 'ka-; 'kat-s&p/
Function: noun
Etymology: Malay kechap fish sauce
: a seasoned pureed condiment usually made from tomatoes

condiment in the average joe speech is the pepper and salt, but again per merriam webster:

One entry found for condiment.
Main Entry: con·di·ment
Pronunciation: 'kän-d&-m&nt
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin condimentum, from condire to season
: something used to enhance the flavor of food; especially : a pungent seasoning
- con·di·men·tal /"kän-d&-'men-t&l/ adjective

On-Topic.....Baker/Kim have said the subject is closed and right they are.
26) Message boards : Number crunching : Limiting CPU usage (Message 28698)
Posted 29 Sep 2006 by SekeRob
Hi Tomaz

Glad you got Threadmaster working.........


By placing the global_prefs_override.xml file in the BOINC directory, installing version 5.6.4 and placing the <cpu_usage_limit>90</cpu_usage_limit> value in there, restart, it will run flawless at 90% of idle. What i like though about Threadmaster is, that any process can be controlled, so added AD Aware, SpyBot, Disk Defraggers and the like in there too at very low percentages.

BES is new to me.... i'll give it a swirl.

27) Message boards : Number crunching : credit/hour how much is possible?? (Message 28545)
Posted 26 Sep 2006 by SekeRob
how much you get in one hour, please report here

I think the new system is pretty taking last 10 (that's all i can see), i'm running on a stock benchmark of 8.10 per hour but am getting 9.15 on average.

Comparing WCG site (mix of UD / BOINC agents and any BOINC agent only running site i know, think it to be a big omission that no cumulative 'valid' tally is kept of units crunched as well as CPU time invested.....all i see is my total credit and RAC.
28) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Prions...? (Message 28543)
Posted 26 Sep 2006 by SekeRob
So now I've got this big question in my head: Is Alzheimers and Parkensins considered as "Prion disease"? Now that I think about it, are most/all of the diseases that are being looked at here considered prion diseases?

No, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are not considered prion diseases because they do not result from the same process as the Prion-related diseases. The reason that Alzheimer's (see Wikipedia ) and Parkinson's (see Wikipedia ) are often mentioned in the same discussion as Prion-related disease is that they are all diseases of the brain that result from a 'mis-folding' of proteins (not the same one, though).

Prion diseases are considered unusual since the prevailing view is that the mis-folding happens on it's own - "spontaneously" - while the other two mis-fold because there is something else in the brain that causes the misfolding.

Look up the latest news on the association of Diabetes as precursor to Alzheimer.

29) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Quantum Leap in Protein Folding (Message 28542)
Posted 26 Sep 2006 by SekeRob
Quantum leap is understood to be a 'step change' in the broadest sense.... navel staring does not change anything.......thus take language and learn the 'meaning' of the word.....

Quantum leap is certainly a step change, but "a quantum leap", singular, is the smallest change possible is a system, look it up. It may be "understood to mean other things", but the people doing the "understanding" clearly do not understand the physics.

Accepting the abuse of the terminology is how problems start, it should be corrected - that is science.

your sig says it all!
30) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Quantum Leap in Protein Folding (Message 28240)
Posted 23 Sep 2006 by SekeRob
[quote]A quantum leap/jump is the smallest amount anything can move. I frequently see the term "quantum leap" used and wonder if the author really understands what s/he has written![/quote

Quantum leap is understood to be a 'step change' in the broadest sense.... navel staring does not change anything.......thus take language and learn the 'meaning' of the word.....

it's magnificent if there is someone thru all the trillions of trial and error calculations and discovered to recognise the shortest path to the correct result. Only by sharing new visions and theories, can new steps be developed and trialed.
31) Message boards : Number crunching : Forget credit for a moment and look at this. (Message 26828)
Posted 15 Sep 2006 by SekeRob
Now imagine another 2000 good machines running on this project.
A shame that isn't happening anymore..such a shame..oh well..

Always more than one perspective on this.

Someone needs to explain to me this 'the list also shows that the single PC users are massively important! importance and the above statement.....i understand that whether a WU ad random gets to machine P4 single core, P3 1ghz or Core 2 Duo, the calculation and prediction would be /should be identical.....thus it is beyond me how one can draw pride out of John Doe or Daisies Bro doing the particular crunch.

Enlighten me, the extreme Noob on the Rosetta front.

32) Message boards : Number crunching : Putting a Bell on the Cat (Message 26378)
Posted 8 Sep 2006 by SekeRob
Translating it to "Bücherdeutsch" (something, a friend from Finnland told me about) it sure would be something like "Ich modere, also bin ich" - translated back to English that would be "I rot, therefore I am" - I wonder if that's really what it means ;-)

Well English/Merkens, who by definition hardly speak a foreign language (its not in their culture), think they can get away with Babelfish.....happen to have a diploma Hoch-Deutsch and Duden is in my should be "Ich moderiere"

Every Tizio, Caio e Sempronio wants to be a moderator..... treat each other with respect and none are needed.

Cogito Ergo Sum
33) Message boards : Number crunching : Discussion of the new credit systen (2) (Message 26371)
Posted 8 Sep 2006 by SekeRob
Status report

August, 23rd

The new credit system went live.

August, 24th, 11h23 UTC

Currently all results returned are not granted credit but are set to "pending". This is due to the fact that the validator stopped working and has nothing to do with withholding credits for whatever reason.

[edited because initial assumptions were wrong]

I came specially over to crunch a few and see for myself how the new credit system works.....well first impressions are lasting impressions.....u must have nailed it right on the head.....getting credit for my Stock Machine on Stock WOS on my Stock BOINC 5.6.0 and the claim worked out 0.8% lower from what u computed the work was worth....totally aligned with the BOINC credit principles. Love it.


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