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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Rosetta version 5.98 (Message 56612)
Posted 1 Nov 2008 by bzag00
My last 2 tasks completed with a Computation Error and I was not granted credit. I am using V5.98. I am not having any problems with any other BOINC serviced applications.

I am subscribing to this thread, so when a new release of Rosetta comes out please post a message in this thread and I will resume the Rosetta project locally.

Thank you.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : 1 percent status and Time to Completion (Message 38043)
Posted 20 Mar 2007 by bzag00
...and if you were given a car, and it had a fancy GPS navigation system with voice activation ...

Two points:

1. I accepted the original argument about the steppings at the beginning of this post and have reattached, and remained reattached after testing it and watching it for awhile to verify it is working.

2. It is absolutely irrelevant to the argument itself that I am "given" the car, independent of the fact that, on the face of it, I am not the one getting the direct benefit, but actually "giving" CPU time to the project. My point, regardless of my indirect benefit as a member of society that suffers from these diseases, has more to do with getting on with it than with paying homage to gratuitous stroking.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : 1 percent status and Time to Completion (Message 38020)
Posted 19 Mar 2007 by bzag00
I find it sad that projects that are so important cannot be improved to a level to give a measure of confidence to the wider user community. Simply stating that it works is simply no longer good enough.

Suppose you walked into a car dealer and he told you he was selling vehicles that now could get you from NY to Boston South Station with automatic steering, brake control, and collision avoidance, but that the problem they haven't been able to overcome is that the windshield is opaque and you can't look outside while the car is moving. Would you buy the car, even though you had statistics that showed you the car was 99.9999999% perfect?

This is the problem with getting the wider community to accept the project. We must be able to see for ourselves that the project is working.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : 1 percent status and Time to Completion (Message 37986)
Posted 18 Mar 2007 by bzag00
I just had an update to the Rosetta cruncher and I've noticed two things:
1. The 1 percent status seems to remain abysmally long - like an hour and a half
2. The Time to Completion is always increasing.

On the face of it, this implies the program is no longer working, so rather waste CPU time I detached from the project in BOINC. I don't know if I can reattach and get my statistics back, but I'm not looking to reattach if the 5.51 version is not going to work for me. The 1 percent status has always been an annoyance, and such things should be deprogrammed from occurring, whatever it takes to make it happen, or else those of us with little patience will get disenchanted with the project's effort sooner than later.

If I've drawn any wrong conclusions on the techy side of the above arguments, I'd like to hear what went wrong, if anything went wrong. I'm running W2KSP4 up-to-date with security patches. My other BOINC projects are still going fine (I am running V5.2.7 Boinc Manager).

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