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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Rosetta version 5.80 (Message 46710)
Posted 21 Sep 2007 by Profile teemac
I have 5 machines on Rosetta at present:

3x Intel E4300 Core2Duos- Kubuntu v7.04 (64bit) 1gb ram - these machines have been locking one core and sometimes both cores over the last day or so. I have aborted all WU's with the word CAPRI in them. I also currently have nearly all work units with 'IGNORE THE REST' in the units name also locking and freezing cores or completely locking machines with an error message saying something like 'if this keeps happening you may need to reset the project'.

1x AMD X2/4600 - Kubuntu v7.04 (64bit) 1gb ram - this machine is mostly ok - no locking but some errored WU's.

1x AMD 3200+ - Kubuntu v7.04 (32bit) 512mb ram - same as the 4600 machine above.

I currently have 2 of the E4300's locked - no work ticking over for the last hour or so - one of the machines is totally locked and am unable to use the OS at all - the other machine only has BOINC locked up, but I can use the OS.

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