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Joined: 17 Aug 06
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Message 36378 - Posted: 9 Feb 2007, 9:02:39 UTC - in response to Message 9770.  
Last modified: 9 Feb 2007, 9:06:00 UTC

Hallo Rosetta@Home Cruncher!

Wer Lust hat in unserem Seti-Leipzig Team mitzurechnen kann sich hier anmelden:

Wenn Ihr schon ein Konto angemeldet habt, hier klicken.

Wenn Ihr noch ein Konto erstellen müsst.

Bei Fragen und Problemen zur Anmeldung einfach unser Seti Forum nutzen.

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Joined: 12 Jun 06
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Message 36407 - Posted: 9 Feb 2007, 23:32:34 UTC
Last modified: 9 Feb 2007, 23:50:22 UTC

Stop by our DSL Reports Team Helix forum home to get acquainted when you have a little time. We're a diverse group of people who put aside our differing strong ideas and beliefs that we might work together as a team for a common cause, our desire to assist science in finding cures for heartbreaking diseases.

Some of us joined because of personal reasons; others joined to help find a cure just because they can. Team Helix is searching for cures using our spare CPU cycles. We hate wasted CPU cycles as much as diseases! Please help us provide hope to future generations, that they may not suffer from illnesses as many young and old do today. As one of our team mates put it, "By myself I can do very little toward finding a cure, but with Team Helix and my team mates behind me, we will find a cure together."

Another team mate recently described Team Helix this way: "Steadfastly striving forward with a common goal which unites us, finding cures for diseases which touch us all; giving freely of our time and resources, placing 'WE' before 'ME'."

You'll find us a family friendly group. We're rather non-combative, although we do enjoy our funny fights among friends. If you enjoy wholesome fun, you'll likely enjoy a visit or even a longer stay with us.

Be sure to meet Gizmo if you look in on us. He is one of our claims to fame! As far as we know he has never actually harmed anyone. Not yet, anyway. We also hold our team groundhog in high esteem and look forward anxiously to his predictions on Groundhog Day each year, a highly celebrated holiday for Team Helix.

Our forum is a part of (BBR). BBR is a rather high traffic site with many interesting features. Check out the customer reviews of broadband services, the front page news and the multitude of forums on the site while you're there. Join and take advantage of the feature rich forum software. Basic membership is free.
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Profile Siran d'Vel'nahr

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Message 37162 - Posted: 24 Feb 2007, 19:00:08 UTC

We are a chapter of STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association. This group is primarily located in Riverside, Iowa; James T. Kirk's future birthplace.

Visit this link: USS Riverside NCC-1660 to join our team.

Visit this link: USS Riverside NCC-1660 to check out/join our chapter.

Dif-tor heh smusma -- Live long and prosper V/_

CAPT Siran d'Vel'nahr XO
USS Vre'kasht NCC-33187

"Logic is the cement of our civilization with which we ascend from chaos using reason as our guide." - T'Plana-hath
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Profile Greg_BE

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Joined: 30 May 06
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Message 39171 - Posted: 8 Apr 2007, 17:11:34 UTC
Last modified: 8 Apr 2007, 17:14:41 UTC

Attention ALL AMD users, Lets show Intel how it is done! Join us here

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Profile GalaxyIce

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Joined: 13 May 06
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Message 39235 - Posted: 10 Apr 2007, 17:49:59 UTC

To celebrate the completion of voting for the founder and team name for BBC CCE,
Team England (Boinc) proudly launch the Team England (Boinc) Toolbar in celebration.

Well done Adam, and well done Team England (Boinc) !!!

You do not have to be a registered member of the Team England (Boinc) forum,
or be a member of any Team England (Boinc) team to use this toolbar.

It is free for everyone to use.
It has no spyware or viruses, does not open pop-ups or hijack your searches, and no personal information is required.

Please click here to get your Team England (Boinc) Toolbar
What does the Team England (Boinc) Toolbar let you do?

  • quick links to CPDN/SAP/CCE Climate forums
  • links to most BOINC projects
  • links to England stats and useful sites
  • Includes a cookie cleaner, a history cleaner, and a cache cleaner
  • Get notified when you receive new e-mails to your POP3, Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts
  • Instant access to our site from any site on the web
  • Search from anywhere on the web
  • Get instant access to useful links
  • Listen to online radio from the toolbar
  • Get up-to-date local and global weather forecasts

The Team England (Boinc) Toolbar includes an uninstaller.

System Requirements;
- Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+

Other versions: Firefox 1.0.1+

Please try it!

You will find the Team England (Boinc) Toolbar in the Team England (Boinc) Cafe section.


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Major Tom MIB

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Joined: 1 Jul 06
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Message 39922 - Posted: 26 Apr 2007, 21:58:34 UTC

Team Technutopia A web community contributing resources to the world community.

We're a small team happy to add more members.

We invite you to use our Boinc Stats forum signatures (currently under design and development, happy to accept suggestions on layout and design):

Small plain (black letters on white background)

[ img]http ://<Your-CPID>.gif[ /img]

[ IMG]http ://[/ IMG]

Small color (you select the foreground and background colors, RGB with two digit hex characters)

[ img]http: //<Your-CPID>.RRGGBBRRGGBB.gif[ /img]

[ IMG]http: //[ /IMG]


[ IMG]http: //<Your-CPID>.png[ /IMG]

[ IMG]http: //[ /IMG]

Large (Team Technutopia member w/personal graphic)

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Profile Bethard E. Bailey III

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Joined: 15 Mar 07
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Message 40079 - Posted: 30 Apr 2007, 8:02:38 UTC

A New Team: Murphy's Collaries

Everyone know's Murphy's Law, well that law has many Collaries, so, in the spirit of the perverse, this team is all about the strange things that happen in this world and universe, join and explore!

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Major Tom MIB

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Joined: 1 Jul 06
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Message 40369 - Posted: 5 May 2007, 17:53:05 UTC

To clarify: Everyone, not just Technutopia team members can use this signature. It moved and a few options have been added. Feel free to participate in the design/layout/development of these 'free' to use forum signatures at the Technutopia Boinc forum. Your suggestions are appreciated.

The host and path have been shortened. Click on Fonts to see which ones you might want to use. Size is two digit decimal. Color is 12 digit hex. Fonts are case sensitive, order is mandatory, and any other variations will result in unpredictable results.<Your-CPID>[.<font>][.<size>][.<color>].gif

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Profile Pawly

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Joined: 2 Feb 07
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Message 40403 - Posted: 6 May 2007, 7:58:02 UTC

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Joined: 17 Sep 05
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Message 40951 - Posted: 14 May 2007, 16:22:15 UTC

Know this flag?

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Profile Buga1

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Joined: 9 Sep 06
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Message 41410 - Posted: 25 May 2007, 1:35:02 UTC

Great Little Team. Come check us out.

Calm Chaos

We are crunching over 30 different projects.

Fun and Games.

You can join us, even if your not on our Boinc Team. Our website is open to all. And growing all the time.

We just got 11 new Team Members so far in the month of May.

Join Calm Chaos in Rosetta@Home
Calm Chaos Online

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Joined: 1 May 07
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Message 41819 - Posted: 4 Jun 2007, 8:50:09 UTC

MyOnlineTeam are a diverse international team of members who would welcome your help to further progress in helping to find a cure for some of life's diseases. Come and give us a try! We'd be glad to have you visit or join!

MyOnlineTeam are always recruiting. Please join HERE
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Greg Tippitt

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Joined: 4 May 07
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Message 41839 - Posted: 5 Jun 2007, 5:15:25 UTC

Please join the "STARFLEET International Star Trek Fan Association" team.

I would like to invite all Star Trek fans that participate in the Rosetta@Home project to join the "STARFLEET International Star Trek Fan Association" team for Rosetta@Home. If you also run the SETI or Einstein projects in addition to Rosetta, please join our team for those projects as well. If you are a Star Trek fan and a member of another team, please consider joining the "STARFLEET International Star Trek Fan Association" team to unify out work units.
I am a huge Star Trek fan and want to promote the Star Trek name and franchise in hopes that more Star Trek shows, movie, and games will be produced. There are so many different Star Trek teams for the BOINC projects, our contribution to BOINC is badly fragmented and goes without much notice. If we could get all the members of Star Trek related teams for all BOINC projects to join a single Star Trek team, it should be would of the largest and most productive teams. When I started looking for a team to join, there were so many Star Trek teams for BOINC projects, I could not decide which one to join. I finally joined the "STARFLEET International Star Trek Fan Association" team, because the team was active in more than one project.

If you run other projects, where this team does not already exist, create the team. Be sure to use the exact same spelling of "STARFLEET International Star Trek Fan Association" (do not enter the quotes), otherwise the statistics for the new team will not be combined correctly. In the nature of Star Trek, remember to make the team an international team, rather than one for a single country.

If you like to following BOINC statistics, all of the websites for statistics for BOINC results have different features. I have found that I like the website at the best because it lets me follow both my individual and team stats for combined projects, as well as my statistics within my team. If you have more then 2 or 3 PCs running BOINC, I highly recommend their BOINC Account Manager, BAM, at
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Beach Bum

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Joined: 29 Apr 06
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Message 42434 - Posted: 22 Jun 2007, 10:06:37 UTC

The waves are awesome. Wish you was here.

Come visit our Web Site and Forums at Hawaiian Beach Bums

Our team crunches in 30 projects total.

We are small, but growing, and look forward to being a large, interesting, and supportive team.

Visit our Join pages if you would like to Join our Team in any of the projects we are in.

Come Join us at Hawaiian Beach Bums
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Profile S. Lacey

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Joined: 30 Jun 07
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Message 42937 - Posted: 1 Jul 2007, 3:36:31 UTC


Team Kent State University has just been started. I would like to be the first to welcome anyone who wishes to promote the noble cause of fighting illness and promoting Team Kent State Rankings to Join (this invitation extends especially to alumni, faculty, students and family members of Kent State). Thank you.
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Daniel Graf

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Joined: 2 Nov 05
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Message 44460 - Posted: 29 Jul 2007, 10:19:48 UTC
Last modified: 29 Jul 2007, 10:20:37 UTC

Ich möchte an dieser Stelle für unser kleines deutsches Team, die MEDIA DATABASE etwas Werbung machen.
Wir bzw. ich suche noch ein paar Cruncher die sich uns anschließen und bei uns mitcrunchen.
In unserem Forum kann man sich neben BOINC auch über andere Dinge austauschen.
Würde mich freuen wenn sich einige neue Cruncher bei uns einfinden.

Gruss von Daniel,
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Profile Ireland BOINC

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Joined: 26 Jun 07
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Message 44626 - Posted: 2 Aug 2007, 20:50:12 UTC

Welcome to team Ireland. Do come and join the team!

Team Ireland has a brand new team website, so please do come and visit. It has loads of team information and it's an internet forum so you can register and join in the chat:

Team Ireland is the number one team for BOINC in our country and we are in the top 350 teams in the world on total credit. Come and crunch with team Ireland and do your bit for science.

We give you a warm Irish welcome on this team. You can join team Ireland on this project and any BOINC project by visiting the following link and clicking the join link for that project.

Thanks for reading our team message. See ya soon agus Slán Abhaile!

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Profile Jeff Gu

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Joined: 3 Apr 06
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Message 49001 - Posted: 24 Nov 2007, 15:46:00 UTC

The Guru Mountain DC Team is a small team managed by dedicated, serious enthusiasts with a sincere appreciation of its members, a strong commitment to helping out in any that we can, and a decent showing in the world rankings.

Visit us at Guru Mountain DC Team

In your search for the team that is just right for you, don't forget to stop by and check us out. We welcome both casual and crazy crunchers, alike. There are certainly advantages to joining the biggest teams out there, but there are also advantages to joining a small, dedicated team like ours. We throw everything from old 400MHz K6-2 machines to overclocked quads to console game boxes into the mix to keep the work units cranking out. We believe in the technology, its potential to benefit everyone, and we truly enjoy our hobby.

We allow lunatics, old fat bald guys, hot babes, pirates, geeks, hamsters and even Canadians to join our team. Why? Because we're nuttier than squirrel droppings.

Stop by anytime and check us out.
Jeff Gu
Guru Mountain DC Team
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Profile Michael T. Allison Retired Federal Goverment

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Joined: 26 Nov 07
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Message 49822 - Posted: 20 Dec 2007, 11:11:21 UTC

{b]If you have a disease or have been injured in an accident that has left you partialy or completely paralyzed then I have the Team for you. Join Team United Paralyzed People's Republic. Its a new Team. Friends and Familiy members are encouraged to participate as well. Click on my name above the depiction of ArchangelMikal then click on United Paralyzed People's Republic. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All.{/bold]

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Profile Bethard E. Bailey III

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Message 50265 - Posted: 2 Jan 2008, 18:58:21 UTC

Greetings, I founded an earlier group, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted, it was just a throw together. This group now, is for those that want to belong, and need a place to belong, no judgments, no questions. Everyone want’s something we all know that, Me I just want to contribute and think that the projects that advance science is a good way to do that. All that I ask is that you have a filled in profile, a valid email addy and are willing to share thoughts and discuss things as they are presented. I will eventually have a link to a webpage (probably MySpace) when I have time. And if you’re a wonderful writer or have any good with deep thought (grin) let me know. Now all the people that want, just join up, start a string in the discussion groups, and maybe more people will join. Just realize that I’m feeling my way into this and just don’t know where it will all head. The image that I’m using is what I consider my personal glyph, or symbol what have you, I chose it back when I was in high school, so it’s mine in my head at least. Post you own and such… My name is rather generic, but it follows through with my image, Glyph’ers Corner, enjoy.
The name to search for if you wish to join is the Glyphers Corner (since the ' doesn't always translate right) Thanks for looking, drop a line, whatever makes you feel right...join up please!

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