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Message 83011 - Posted: 15 Dec 2012, 0:00:00 UTC

Journal post from David Baker.

The CASP10 meeting just finished and all the results are on line so you can see what all your contributions made possible! Ray has posted a great summary of the results in the CASP10 thread on the science message boards. Overall, Rosetta@home was top or near top in most categories. I hate to embarrass David Kim who created RosettaHome and has kept it going, but his contact guided predictions were the highlight of CASP10 as they were vastly better than those of any other group. You can see this at
David's predictions are the black lines, those of other groups are in orange, better models stay below the rest of the pack.

Thanks to all of you who contributed to CASP10!!

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Message boards : News : Journal post from David Baker

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