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Message 82969 - Posted: 7 Jan 2011, 0:00:00 UTC

Well, our luck ran out. The SAN controller that has been causing so much trouble in the last few months finally tipped over in a rather distructive fashion, corrupting the binary tree on which the filesystem is based. We're trying to rebuild the thing but the sheer number of files in the filesystem (> 10M files) makes this process very, very slow. We're bringing the project up from a recent backup (12/09/10) but the backup wasn't a perfect replica of the environment, so we're having to scramble to get all the parts working together again. We only need a few more weeks and then our new, next generation SAN will be ready to be put into place... I just thought the old one would last a few more week. I apologize for the hassle and appreciate your patience as we get things online again... KEL 01/07/11
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Message boards : News : Well, our luck ran out

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