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Message 47570 - Posted: 9 Oct 2007, 20:50:15 UTC
Last modified: 9 Oct 2007, 20:55:13 UTC

I'm running Rosetta via BOINC but I have 48% idle (sum of two cores).

It doesn't seem like it's only using one core.. it is using both.. but it is only using each one at about 50% CPU capacity.

Is there a way to increase this?

[EDIT] I'm also noticing that the graph of my two cores is inverse. When one core spikes, the other core drops to nil. While very visually symmetrical and amusing, I would really like to see both cores maxed out when running Rosetta :)

[EDIT (again)] Ahhhhh.. nevermind. It cannot use both cores for one task. Now that it has completed downloading a second task my CPU usage is maxed.
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Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Only ~50% CPU usage

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