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Daxl ("I am a 40 years old Systemadministrator from Vienna - Austria and the Founder of Team...")
robag ("Another Hobby is to follow my Euro notes in their tracks: ")
takeme ("I'm from austria and like to work in grid projects. I'm a very proud member of boinc...")
Plejaden ("Herzliche Güße ... An alle ...! Ich wurde 1972 in Österreich /Wien geboren bin...")
Miko ("My Nickname is Miko, i\'m \"some\" more than 30 years young. I like the nature (we\'re...")
[] Walter
alois.haubenwallner (".")
Ozzy ("I work as a tooth fairy at night and collect 3 toed race camels at daytime. My hobbies...")
MasterPtu ("")
Stefan Ledwina ("My name is Stefan and I\'m originally from Vienna/Austria, now living in Karlstetten, born...")

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