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Index of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Rosetta@Home
(Click on the links below for answers)

Questions about rosetta@home

Problems getting started

Project preferences Settings

Running Rossetta@home

Common Error messages


For additional information or more detailed answers to your questions about Rosseta@home, the BOINC client software or other BOINC projects visit the Unofficial BOINC WIKI.

For information about some of the teams working on the Rosetta project vist the Teams thread in the Rosetta Cafe.

Be advised: Some of the links posted on this website may take you other websites. The listing of those links on does not constitute an endorsement of any of those sites, the content of the sites or the teams represented in the listings, by the Rosetta@home project, the University of Washington, or their researchers and staff. Your use of these offsite links is at your own risk, the Rosetta@home project and the University of Washington are not responsible for off site content or management of any information they may gather from your connection to their site

Thanks to Bill Michael for his work on R@H FAQs

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