10 reasons I crunch Rosetta@home and you should too

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10 reasons by feet1st 10 reasons by tralala

10) Runs on Mac and Linux too. Everyone can help.

9) Winning CASP team, I like being a part of a winning team.

8) If your in to credits and on a team, the project is new enough it's not as hard to climb to the top spots.

7) Work always ready for download from top notch servers, no lost crunch time waiting for work.

6) Helpful message board community

5) Dr. Baker gives science updates personally.

4) Active and responsive project team.

3) Graphics help you understand how it works.

2) *I* control how long I want each work unit to run.

1) Compelling mission, technology that could basically wipe out disease as we know it!

10. You get credits even for failed Work Units!

9. Scientifically renowned project leader!

8. No outages - work always available!

7. Nice and active community!

6. User setable length of Work units!

5. Nice and responsive project team!

4. Detailed science updates and transparency what's done!

3. Competition in CASP7 with the winning team!

2. Potential live saving long-term-goals and concrete short-term-goals!

1. Cutting edge research!

Add your 10 reasons why you crunch Rosetta@home here!

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